Dungeons and Dragons

The world’s most well known RPG. Having been a major feature in TV shows like Stranger Things, Community, The Big Bang Theory and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Set in a medieval fantasy world you take the role of adventurers (fighters, rogues, wizards and clerics) who slay monsters, fight evil and protect justice. This is the perfect entry point to any first timer and will feel familiar to any Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones fan.

Starchildren: Velvet Generation

In the 70s some wonderful music was created. That music drifted into space and formed the basis of an entire society. That society has made it to Earth and is ready to rock. Unfortunately, MOTHER has BANNED rock and roll. It's been driven underground. Into seedy clubs and shady venues... Just the way you like it. This light sci fi game is an alien adventure of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.

Cats of Catthulhu

This is a game about the world. Not the fantasy world we twofooters have created for ourselves, the real world. The world built at the behest of cats. Choose an adventurous tabby and face off against lovecraftian monsters. Despite the title this is a very rules light game about pretending to be cats. Not anthropomorphic cat people, literal ordinary house cats.

Mutant City Blues

10 years ago, people started appearing with mutant powers. The assumption was that these powers would compel people to become heroes, just like in the comic books. This assumption was wrong. You are a detective assigned to investigate crime involving the super powered. Built around police procedurals and film noir with a super powered twist

Cartoon Action Hour

It’s 6 AM on a saturday morning. You’ve gotten up, grabbed yourself some frosted sugar bombs (drowning in milk of course) and you’ve just turned the TV. Prepare yourself for 22 minutes of exciting action! This is a game about designing and then playing an episode of your favorite Saturday morning toy commercial. With rules for every aspect from Vehicles and Chimera-ing to defeating (but not killing) Mooks and bad guys. An absolute must for any fan with a nostalgic bent

Ten Candles

Ten days ago, the lights went out. Five days ago, They came. A chilling horror game with a strong emphasis on improvisation and storytelling about desperation and fear in a dark and foreboding world. WARNING: This game uses ACTUAL CANDLES and OPEN FLAMES. As such this may not be suitable for every environment


There’s a noise, a smell, a flash of light before it fades to dark again. This is a game of fear. Where hiding might be a better option than fighting. Where running might be a better option than hiding. Where fighting might be a... you get the idea. You’ll be placed in a situation with high tension, balanced by the perfect integration of setting and mechanics. Not for the faint of heart.


You thought it was going to be easy. An easy score, one last job, a big break. You really should have known better. Inspired by films such as A Simple Plan, Burn After Reading and Fargo, this is a game about great ambition and poor impulse control. Character relationships, important objects and locations are all determined by dice roll. Players then act out a Scheme gone wrong plot naturally and organically. It’s cinematic, it’s fun and it’s chaotic

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria

Equestria is a world where nopony is perfect, but everybody tries. Based on the wildly popular animated series and toy line, this is a wonderful simple game and is perfect for the younger set. Just as the show it's based on, it teaches cooperation and team work through it's mechanics and theming. Both a fantastic experience and a great introduction to roleplaying as a whole.

Star Trek Adventures

Space: The Final Frontier. For over 50 years Star Trek has been a staple of Science Fiction. A television show with one of the most devoted fandoms in history that remind us that even if things look bad now, Humanity is capable of great things This game, set around the intersections of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, puts you in the drivers seat of a Federation starship. This is a wonderful game for any fan of the series or anyone who just wants to boldy go where no one has gone before.


In the year 2012, Magic turned back on. Years later huge corporations run the planet and you're fighting back. We need a host of heavy hitters and hackers, unfortunately we only have you chummers. In this wildly popular game players are just trying to get by, any way they can. And if a huge company gets hurt in the meantime, all the better. Jack in and enjoy this universe combining Tolkien-esque fantasy with Gibson-esque Cyberpunk. Just remember: Never make a deal with a dragon.

End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

Do you have a survival strategy? Do you want to see how well you'd survive in one of pop culture's most endearing disaster scenarios? This is a game in which it's the end of the world. A zombie apocalypse is happening, and you're you. Armed with only your wits and what you're carrying with you, players wander around their hometown and attempt to survive the onset. This is an incredibly rules light game with loads of personalisation and customisation make for a fantastic party game.


$50 per hour

Game Players Play Time
Dungeons and Dragons 2-6 2 hours
Dungeons and Dragons: STRANGER THINGS 2-6 3 hours
Starchildren: Velvet Generation 4* 2 hours
Cats of Catthulhu 2-5 2 hours
Vampire: The Masqurade 2-4 2 hours
Cartoon Action Hour** 2-6 3 hours
Dread** 3-6 2 hours
My Little Pony - Tails of Equestria 1-5 1 hour
Star Trek Adventures 3-7 2 hours
Shadowrun 2-5 2 hours
End of the world - Zombie Apocalypse** 2-5 2 hours

*more or fewer players can be used if Character Generation is purchased as detailed in the next section

**Character creation is included a no extra cost

Extras Price
Hour of Character Generation $20
Bring Your own game Negotiable: Depends on the system being used. May require more prep time and will be charged accordingly
Live Show $100 per session