Appearances and Testimonials

Jimmy ran a session of StarChildren: Velvet Generation for me. I went in completely blind. At the end of the hour session, we had broken down in the city, confronted some wannabe West Side Storiers, and band battled to Wonderwall - all with story to spare. Jimmy's gentle guidance led us to a conclusion that was satisfyingly organic via a tale that we as a group shaped ourselves. I never felt constrained by a rulebook that I hadn't read - instead Jimmy's wit and talent for improvisation kept us as a group on task in a fair and structured universe, with room for our own personal moments in the spotlight. I'd roleplay with Jimmy as GM any day.

—Lachlan Williams, PAX Australia 2016

Having played live RPGs on stage with Jimmy, I'd say he's a real master of the craft. I trust Jimmy to run a great game and to make sure every player gets equal time in the spotlight, regardless of their level of experience as players. He's lead us down roads we couldn't have expected, provided real laugh-out-loud moments, and handled me being a game-breaking jerk with finesse.

—John Kane, GX Australia 2017